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Minolta DSCAs leading independent financial advisers, we want to bring direction to your investments. Only you know the financial life you want to lead but it is our job to find that out so we can help you achieve your financial goals. So how do we do that? We talk to you and build relationships.

  • We proactively manage your financial portfolios.
  • We have a good spread of your financial investments.
  • We keep our charges low through our Wealth Management Improvement Programme™.


No one can predict how the investment market is going to behave but at Phillip Masters Independent Financial Advisers Limited we can give you the best possible impartial financial advice. Our relationships with the top fund managers and our online fund management systems allow us to cherry-pick from over 7,000 funds and sectors. Our advice is to have a balanced financial portfolio and this will give you the greatest chance of achieving the growth you want.

We would rather you spoke to us but, if you don’t want to, here is our general financial advice:

  • An interest-bearing account is less likely to achieve financial growth.
  • Protect your financial portfolio with a range of investments and maintaining balance between risk, growth, income, property, bonds and gilts, should circumstances allow.
  • Get lower charges with our online Wealth Improvement Programme™.

To see how you can get a balanced financial portfolio and the least possible cost, give us a call today.